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Goal Investment Management

We are an investment firm based in San Diego, CA focused on unsecured consumer finance. We have developed a unique platform that combines active servicing, deep data and analytics, and capital markets expertise to create opportunities and drive returns.

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A Track Record of Successful Investments

Since 2013, we have deployed $240 million of our capital across 49 transactions. Goal invests across the credit spectrum in whole loan portfolios, NPLs, and asset-backed financings, leveraging our asset management expertise to drive returns.

Our Strategy, What We Invest in…

Invest in what we know and can manage. That means consumer finance assets where Goal is an expert and can accurately identify and measure the risks and return potential. It also includes distressed situations, where we think the potential for above-average returns outweighs the potential risks




The Goal Advantage

We’ve built a proprietary loan performance database based on insights from our origination and purchase of consumer assets, most notably in the student loan space. Our customized modeling platform pulls from that database as well as other technology platforms, which lets us efficiently run hundreds of multivariate scenarios. With that more granular view of potential investment opportunities, we can confidently make investment decisions for our clients.

Transaction Efficiency

Able to evaluate and execute smaller transactions which earn larger liquidity premium


Sharp focus on more specialized assets and verticals


Closely review performance results and adjust servicing

Our Experienced Team

Our senior leadership team averages over 20 years of consumer finance experience across a broad array of financial, operational, and legal disciplines. This expertise has allowed us to underwrite and execute upon investment opportunities with confidence.


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We have the complete package: capital markets and valuation expertise to evaluate consumer assets plus the infrastructure to manage the assets we invest in. That capability allows us to look at smaller opportunities and idiosyncratic investments that traditional investors would write off as inefficient.